International Camp

Our International Camp consists of two days of training (7 hours in total) where we put our advanced training curriculum into practice, covering techniques for starts, jumps, turns, passing, improving speed, and much more. This course is of high intensity where you will learn how to become a better rider based on our advanced techniques.

Camp Includes:

  • Advanced racing techniques for competitive riders
  • Holeshot Master Class
  • Techniques to learn how to pass with confidence
  • Practice in different sections of the track
  • Choosing racing lines like a pro
  • Winning mindset strategies

2023 Tour


Can my coach join me?

Yes, as long as they pay the coach fee, which is equal to 3 riders fees.

Can I film the class?

Unfortunately, we do not allow cameras while classes are in session. You can film while you are riding.

What is the age of the riders?

We accept riders of all ages and levels, and we will have two groups: one for big bikes and one for small bikes.

Does it include refreshments?

No, each rider is responsible for bringing their own refreshments and drinks.

Does it include the bike?

No, each pilot is responsible for bringing their own bike.