The WorldMoto Experience

The WorldMoto Experience consists of a week of training (5 days of training), or a week of training + race (3 days of training + 3 days of racing) in Southern California. This course is designed for international riders who intend to train and compete in the United States with an affordable investment and a professional platform!

Live an amazing experience and start your journey as an amateur rider in the USA.


  • Accommodation 7 nights
  • Transportation to training
  • Airport transportation
  • HUSQVARNA 2023 bike rental (5 days of training)
  • Training with Martin Castelo (5 days)
  • Motocross Tour (Chaparral, Pro circuit, etc.)
  • Breakfast, hydration and snacks
  • Pit support
  • Tools
  • Air filters
  • Lubricants

Not Included:

  • Medical insurance
  • Mechanic
  • Meals in restaurants
  • Plane tickets
  • Track entry fees
  • Extra purchases

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Can I bring someone?

Yes, we accept one companion per pilot for an extra cost.

What is the minimum age to travel to the experience?

The minimum age is 15 years old without a companion and 13 years old with a companion.

I want to go to the experience with a group of friends (pilots), is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to organize a private experience with a minimum of 3 pilots from the same country.